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These guys are a brilliant and necessary investment.

Working with Seb and Thom over the last few months has, quite simply accelerated my business growth. Although in sales and marketing myself, the integrity of what i do would be compromised if i didn’t work with my own mentors and these guys are two of the best around. Believe me i know what’s good and what’s not!
From pointing out glaring gaps in my business to super hot ideas and expert input, the boys (as only a lady of a certain age could call them!) have allowed me to move my business to the next level easily and without having to invest in hugely expensive marketing.
The private Client days have been really beneficial too, learning from Mark and the guest experts.
Last but not least, it’s just great having someone say to me on a regular basis (just as i say to my own clients) “Have you done XYZ yet?”
The guys are a brilliant and necessary investment and a fantastic virtual addition to my success team. Highly Recommend!

Carie LyndeneThe Success Coach
I love working with these guys. They make the most complicated things sound delightfully simple.

I LOVE working with these guys. They make the most complicated things sound delightfully simple, and then they create marketing campaigns that work, stuffed full of great copy that just makes people want to buy.

They’re super smart, they’ve got loads of experience and where some people can be a bit cagey, Creaser and Smithy love nothing more than helping you understand everything you need to know.

Dee WoodwardBy Deesign
Mark is quite simply mind blowing

He has an incredible ability to generate ideas and directions that you would never have previously contemplated and creates copy that is SO clever it makes normal people’s attempts look tragically lame.

Gary BakerSwagger and Swoon
Working with Ideal Result has provided a completely fresh and new perspective to my marketing.

It is proving very valuable to have their feedback and ideas. Seb’s a pleasure to work with, he’s able to provide a solution to solve any issue or problem and always seems to have great ideas to help me make my marketing collateral more effective. It goes without saying that all the copy and content Seb has helped me with has been top drawer!

Matthew ArnoldMantra Magazines
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