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Being a Private Client is a fantastic investment...

We’ve been working with Ideal Result since the beginning, and they’ve had a hugely positive impact on our business in that time.

One of the key reasons why we started working with them was that we knew that as a service company, we needed to get more regular work, as opposed to one-off jobs.

The key for us to have regular contact with our clients and prospects, and build relationships with them, so that when the work came along, we were top of mind.

That’s where they came into their own, and this allowed us to spread our visibility, and talk to more people.

And the results speak for themselves.  Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a 50% increase in enquiries, a 50% increase in quotes, leading to more sales, more business and more profit.

Being a Private Client is a fantastic investment, and I regularly refer people to work with Thom, Seb and Mark for one simple reason: it works.

Paul BleckBartech Marine
I’ve doubled my business, increased my prices and I get a steady stream of enquiries in my inbox each month...

It was quite a big deal for me to become a Private Client.

I’d been running my business for a while, and I’d done okay, but I was at the stage where I needed to do some marketing if I was going to grow a proper business.

I knew that if anyone could help me market my business it’d be these guys, but there was still that little voice in my head that said, “What if this doesn’t work?”

I needn’t have worried.  The guys got me into a regular habit of content marketing and list building, and three months in, it was clear that I was getting more enquiries, having more conversations and making more sales.

Six months later, and it’s even clearer – I’ve doubled my business, increased my prices and I get a steady stream of enquiries in my inbox each month.

Natasha ConwayTraffic Snap, Private Client since November2017
I’ve got more money in my business and personal bank account than ever before...

I’ve been with the guys since the beginning and I’ll be honest it was a risk. They all had good reputations from their previous employment but there are plenty of people that have had successful jobs before but when they go out on their own they just don’t make the cut.

I don’t know why I worried.

I’m glad I made the jump back in 2015 as it says in the letter 12 months ago I sent a simple message to Seb explaining that I’ve got more money in both my business account and my personal account than ever before and that’s a direct result of the marketing we have done to past and present prospects and customers.

Phil O’ConnorDivorce IFA, Private Client since June 2015
The business is on target to treble in revenue this year and so are the profits..

When I started working with Thom, Seb and Mark just over 18 months ago I’d just finished running the first ever OTAC event in Cardiff with another two planned in Reading and Edinburgh.

Roll on 18 months and those three events have now turned in to 10 regional events all over the country. We’ve run nine events so far in 2018, and sold out the exhibitor space for each one and recorded higher delegate numbers than last year.

The business is going to treble in revenue this year and so are the profits.

On a personal level, I’ve been able to take more money out of the business AND work less hours, so it’s fair to say that I’m an incredibly satisfied Private Client!

Stuart BarrowOccupational Therapy and Adaptations Conference (OTAC), Private Client since October 2016
Within the first couple of weeks I’d got an enquiry for a £70,000...

When I joined Private Clients I knew there weren’t going to be any quick wins. I get that building a sustainable marketing strategy for a kitchen and bathroom business such as ours doesn’t happen overnight.

I did get a bit of a surprise though…

Within the first couple of weeks I’d got an enquiry for a £70,000 bathroom from a past customer’s relative, as a direct result of the action the guys got me to take.

Ed WheelerBathroom Boutique, Private Client since March 2018
The guys have had a fantastic impact on my business...

It’s fair to say that I’ve tried my fair share of  ‘personal development’. I’ve been in masterminds and coaching groups, and attended countless events and seminars during my decade in business, and I can say with certainty that the Ideal Result guys are up there with the smartest marketing minds I’ve ever worked with.

I’ve been a Private Client for the past nine months, and in that time the guys have had a fantastic impact on my business; helping me to substantially grow my list, craft better content, convert more customers and more effectively monetise my existing customers, giving me a better, stronger business and a great lifestyle as a result.

Their skill with paid traffic, database building and copywriting really is up there with the very best, and I can say with certainty that my Ideal Result investment is one of the best I make each month.

Emma MillsMiPA, Private Client since August 2017
It’s been a massively beneficial relationship...

I’ve been working with Mark, Thom and Seb for 18 months now, and in that time they’ve had a hugely positive effect on my business.

From helping me craft copy that engages with my audience and makes more sales, to cracking Facebook, to generating more leads than ever before, it’s been a massively beneficial relationship, culminating in my most successful launch ever – 36 trips sold in ten days, generating sales of £88,860, all for a spend of just £333.28.

Keith CrockfordThe Bucket List Company, Private Client since January 2017
"My 'go to guy' for all things marketing"

Put simply, Seb is my ‘go to guy’ for all things marketing. Not only does he know his stuff, and have heaps of experience to back it up, but he’s a great communicator and understands my needs as a business owner. If you need copy, an extra pair of eyes over your marketing, or someone to guide you through the whole process, Seb’s your man.

Nick Ruddock
The first people i turn to.

The Ideal Result boys are smart cookies. I’ve been a Private Client of theirs since they launched, and it’s money well invested. Whenever I have a challenge, problem or opportunity, Mark Smithy and Seb are often the first people i turn to. They always have time for me, always talk sense and never give me bad advice.

Siam KiddThe Realistic Trader
Working with Mark, Thom and Seb has had a significant impact on our business.

Working with Mark, Thom and Seb has had a significant impact on our business. They’ve helped us to increase customer retention by over 25% with an automated reminder campaign. The leaflet that drove most of our new business has been improved with their help and is performing better than ever.
They’ve helped us to migrate to new software that has revolutionised the way that we speak to customers.
The software, which the guys are expert in, will allow us to explore a whole new level of customer development and processes that we simply wouldn’t have been able to even consider before. The best thing about being a Private Client is that they are helping us to build assets that we can use again and again, and crucially are scalable and sustainable, meaning that they will continue to work as we grow.
I’m really looking forward to working closely with these guys in the months to come as our business achieves the milestones that we’ve set for it.

Kam SaleemMotorServ UK
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