Salcombe - Ideal Result

Although 2020 might have been the worst year since records began, one of the highlights – for those who went – was undoubtedly the Private Client trip to Salcombe. 

We went in September, and the weather was utterly perfect. 

It was only a two-night trip, and some people only joined us for one night, but we had a fantastic time. 

So we thought we’d do it all again this year.

In the hope of enjoying similarly glorious weather, we’ve chosen the same week again.


13th-15th September 2021

There’s not much of an agenda.

Last year we went out on a couple of little boats, we did some paddle boarding, and we went for a walk. 

We went for a couple of meals, and we bumbled around Salcombe in the sunshine.

It’ll be much the same this year.

All of the Ideal Result team are coming, so you’ll have plenty of chance to spend time with us, as well as with other Private Clients.

Because there are so many of us (we’re up to nine on the team now) we’ve booked a house. 

And frankly, because EVERYONE seems to want to get to Devon and Cornwall this year, the whole place is booking up fast.


Booking your place

There are only two things you need to do to book onto Salcombe 2021.

1. Book your accommodation

I’ve checked today and there are a few hotel rooms still available, and some decent-looking Airbnb options, but it’s slimmer pickings than usual, and – with lots of resorts in Europe looking unlikely – destined to get slimmer.

If there’s a group of you who’d like to join us, renting another whole house might be an option.

Either way, although September is a long way off yet, if you know you’d like to join us it makes sense to get the date in your diary and get your accommodation lined up.

2. Let me know you’re joining us

It’s useful to know how many people are planning on joining us, so once you’ve sorted your accommodation (or if you’re just planning on joining us for a day) just drop a note to and let me know. 


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