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Some business owners are great with numbers, some aren't.

Some are in the figures day in, day out, others wait for their Accountant to tell them the good news.

But (unless you're running an accountancy firm), chances are you didn't start out in business to be an accountant.

So, whether you're a Carol Vorderman in hiding or not, there ARE some numbers that as a business owner you definitely should get to grips with.

So, here are some useful documents that the team at Accentis Chartered Accountants in Guildford shared with us - that we think you'll like...


Almost every business owner has struggled
with pricing at some point.
In particular when it comes to increasing them.
This handy little tool will give you the
confidence to raise your prices.


Do you know how many leads you'd need to
generate into your business, in order to churn
out your desired income at the end?
If you don't, this step plan will help you work
through it.