The Hidden Secret Behind ALL
Successful Marketing Campaigns

Join the Ideal Result team in the Midlands on Thursday 27th February,
we unveil for the first time the exact process we go through
to generate more leads,
build better relationships
and make more sales.

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In November last year, we opened up our “Private Clients” programme for new clients.

We wrote a sales letter, put together a great sales video and sent some direct mail.

And – to put it mildly – it was very successful, with more Private Clients applications than we’ve ever had since we first started back in June 2015.

Cue high fives and Hobnobs in the Ideal Result barn.

The sales letter, video and email campaign all came good, but the reality is that we’d never have generated anything like the interest we did if it wasn’t for one, simple thing:

The content marketing that we’d done prior to our campaign.

Because we had an audience who already knew us, liked us and trusted us, we were able to get:

  • More people reading the sales letter
  • More people watching the video
  • More people reading the emails
  • More people referring
  • More people applying

You’ll be familiar with the concept of content marketing – the creation of content to engage with your audience, convince them of your value and engender trust in you and what you do.

We’ve talked a lot about it over the last few years, using Smithy’s well worn “Build list, make friends with it and sell to it” formula to explain the process.

We haven’t just talked about it either.

We’ve done it, for dozens of our clients, and for our business too.

And the results speak for themselves.

The Private Clients who stick around for three, four and five years
all have one thing in common:

They’ve bought into the concept of content marketing
and stuck to it like white on rice.

And, shock horror, when that happens, good things tend to happen too.

Like more leads, and more sales.

Like more revenue and more profit.

Like higher quality customers, more aligned to your business and your values.

But here’s the truth: despite most business owners understanding the importance
content marketing, most of them still aren’t doing it,

and if they are, they’re not doing it properly. 

And there are generally two reasons why: 

#1 – You like the idea of content marketing, but you’ve got no idea where to start

#2 – You’ve tried content marketing, but it hasn’t worked for you

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The reality is that most business owners don’t have a clue what content they should be producing, or how to produce it, which results in them producing crap content that no one wants to engage with, or not producing anything at all.

Either way, it doesn’t produce the desired result, which is more people who KNOWLIKE and TRUST you.

But whether your fingers have been burnt in the content fire several times over,
or you’ve simply shied away from content because you’ve got no idea where to start:

we’ve got good news for you:

On Thursday 27th February 2020,

for the first time ever,

we’re doing an entire day on the subject of content marketing,

giving you access to the exact strategy that we deploy for our clients, as well as our own business.

We’ve touched on content in various places before, but never have we unveiled it all, step-by-step,
ready for you to take and use to create a content strategy in your business
that actually works to get you more attention, more leads and more sales.

Here’s just some of what we’ll be sharing:


  • How to build the right audience, and ensure that you’ve got more than one way of communicating with them


  • The blueprint behind selecting the right kind of content to resonate with your audience


  • The easy way to create content that builds relationships and engenders trust in you and what you do.


  • The key to successful distribution of content, and the media you should and shouldn’t be using in order to get more eyeballs on what you do


  • How to decide your content format, as well as useful advice on easily creating videos, emails and print newsletters
  • The three reasons why you’re not getting the results you want from the content you’re producing at the moment


  • How to recognise WHEN to sell to your audience, leveraging all of the attention you’ve generated through your content, using it to move your prospects down your sales funnel and turn them into customers

Over the course of one day, at an intimate venue in the Midlands,
we’ll be sharing all of this with you, and much more…

Strictly no theory – only proven stuff allowed

We’re under no illusions – this won’t have been the first time that you’ve heard about the importance of content marketing.

The truth of it is that you can barely move on the Internet these days without some guy in a hired Ferrari telling you about some marketing strategy that’ll make you rich overnight.

But here’s why this is different: there’s strictly no theory allowed.

The only stuff we’ll be sharing is stuff that actually works;
for us, for our clients and for other successful businesses.

And here’s the other big difference: what we’ll be sharing works with REAL BUSINESSES too, not just coaches, consultants and “experts”.

Whether you’re a butcher, baker or a candlestick maker or whether you sell IT services or HR, furniture, software, hardware, products or services, you can make use of these strategies.

How do we know? 
Because they’ve formed the backbone of all of our clients’ success over the last five years.

And given that 23 of our Private Clients are now into their fourth year of working with us,
with a healthy handful who’ve been with us since the start,
it’s fair to say that what we do works, for a multitude of different businesses.

Here are just a few clients whose stories we’ll be sharing:

Paul Blech, Bartech Marine Engineering
Private Client since 2015

Keith Crockford, The Bucket List Company
Private Client since 2017

Carolyne Wahlen, Golf HR
Private Client since 2016

Phil O’Connor, Divorce IFA
Private Client since 2015

Stuart Barrow, OTAC
Private Client since 2016

Because so many of our clients have implemented this strategy so effectively, we really do have a huge amount of content to share with you, which is why we need a whole day to really do this justice.

We won’t just be telling you what you could do, we’ll be showing you what our clients actually DO do, and how it works.

Examples of emails that people love to read…

Step-by-step tactics of how to crack LinkedIn and engage with people on there…

The formula for videos that are watchable, memorable and valuable…

The newsletters that get read month after month…

In short, you’ll walk away with a headful of ideas of what you can actually do immediately to build a bigger audience of people, engage better with that audience and create more leads and sales in your business
– think of it like walking away with a Haynes Manual on content marketing.

Where is it?

We’re holding our first event of 2019 at “The Belfry” – a multiple award winning resort located in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands.

Within close proximity to the M6, M42 & M6 Toll makes it convenient for travelling and fantastic golf and spa facilities means there are plenty of excuses to stay a while longer if you wished.

What time does it start & finish?

10am Start

5pm Finish

Registration is from 9am onwards though so make sure you arrive early enough to grab a coffee before we start!

What’s included?


For your one-off investment, you’ll get the full day of content,

plus lunch, tea and coffee. 

Parking’s free too.

Is it a big, multi-speaker event?


We’re capping the tickets at 60 – we like smaller, intimate events, as it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and really get maximum value from it.

And as far as multiple speakers are concerned, you’ll just be hearing from the Ideal Result team – no sob stories or sharpsuited salespeople in sight.

Your Investment

If you’ve read this far, then you’re interested, which is fantastic news – we’d love to spend the day with you.

Your investment to attend the day is just £189 + VAT, and when you consider that you’re getting a full day’s worth of content on pretty much the most important topic in marketing right now, we’re sure you’ll agree that that’s more than a fair price.

But, if you get in quickly, and secure your ticket before 6PM ON THURSDAY 30TH JANUARY
you can grab yourself a discount of £100,
making your investment just £89 + VAT.

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Cards on the table – even at the full price, we don’t make any money from this event – that’s not the point of it.

You see, these events are part of OUR content strategy.

We know that what we’ve got to share is hugely valuable content, and we also know that some attendees might want to work with us at some point in the future.

This event is an opportunity for us to share our content, help you get to know us and trust us (and maybe even like us!), so that when we next open up Private Clients you might be interested.

As a result, we’ve kept the price as low as we can – we won’t want it to be a barrier to you attending.

So, what do you say?

If you agree that £89 + VAT for a full day in a room with some of the UK’s smartest marketers is a fair deal, then you know what to do – click the button below.

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Remember, when you walk away after the event, you’ll be walking away with:

  • Your bespoke content marketing plan


  • Clarity on the content you need to create


  • The knowledge on how to create the right content for you and your audience


  • Tactics and strategies to get that content in front of your target market

If that sounds good to you, then we’ll see you on the 27th February.
Click the big button below to secure your ticket now.

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Remember, to secure your £100 discount, you’ll need to secure your seat before 6PM on THURSDAY 30TH JANUARY.