Do you want a headshot for FREE, no strings attached?

For a limited time only, I’m offering 6 business owners like you totally free headshots for you and your team.

Is it time you had an image that helps build your profile and increases trust in you and your business?

People buy from people, we all know that.

But in the online world we all live in, so many businesses are failing to show their “people” online. 

The result?

Less trust in your business and what you offer.

Less credibility in your brand.

Less connection between you and your prospect.

If you haven’t got headshots that connect your business to the people you want to work with, you’re missing out on business.

And if you have got headshots, but they’re old, dated or downright tacky, then they need switching up too.

That’s where we come in.
We’re offering you a headshot COMPLETELY FREE, just as long as you book it before the end of February.

I’d usually charge £250 for a headshot session for one person, or £500 for a team of up to five.

But – to be blunt – I want to add value to more business owners and help them get to know us.  

So, I’m offering you your headshot completely free.

And when I say “free” I do actually mean it – this isn’t some tactic to get you in and then hard sell you.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  1. You’ll book an appointment and join me at our lovely barn in Meriden, slap bang in the middle of England.  That’s where our studio is, as well as a lovely coffee machine, and copious amounts of biscuits.


  2. We’ll take your headshot, either in our studio, or outside if you prefer something leafier – headshots don’t have to be super corporate these days; a well taken photograph will do the job.


  3. I’ll get editing, and give you three of the best pictures within five days maximum for you to use on your website, your social media and anywhere else you have a presence.

And that’s that.

No clever tie-ins, or sneaky sales pitches.

Just a straightforward offer of a free headshot for you (and your team if you’d like).  

No more, no less.

The only conditions are that you have to book your session in by end the of February, and redeem it by the end of March.

There are only six sessions, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

To take advantage of this offer and get yourself a free headshot
just click the button below and choose your slot.


Any questions?  Hopefully they’re covered off below, but if not, just give me a shout at and I’ll come straight back to you

Is it really free?

Yes.  Leave your wallet or purse at home.

Where is the Barn?

Meriden, just outside Solihull.  Two minutes from the M42, five minutes from the M6, and about a mile from Birmingham International and the NEC.

Can you make me look good?

Yep.  I’m as good at photoshop as I am at photography; just don’t ask me to put a Snapchat filter on anything.

Why are you doing this?

I want to build relationships with business owners.  We do plenty here at the Barn; from videos to consultancy to copywriting, and I feel like if you get to know us better, you might be more inclined to work with us in the future.

But don’t worry, there’s no sales pitch – we don’t wear sharp suits, and we frown strongly whenever anyone tries to get us to sell them a pen.

How do I book in?

Click the big button on this page and let’s do it!