Being a chimney sweep is a tough gig.

Not only do you get soot over yourself on a daily basis, but you’re also reliant on people wanting to use traditional chimneys in order to keep yourself busy.

I don’t have any stats, but I’d be surprised if the industry didn’t suffer during the 70s and 80s, when gas fires were all the rage, and the amount of open fires and woodburners declined.

They’ve had a bit of a boon in recent years though, with real fires being the order of the day, but now they’re under attack again, thanks to climate change, and calls for bans on fires that emit smoke.

Less fireplaces, less work for chimney sweeps.

As the saying goes, you can only play the hand you’re dealt, and it’ll be the chimney sweeps who play that hand well that stay in business.

I reckon my chimney sweep’ll be fine, as he understands the golden rule of marketing – watch my latest video, as I dive down the chimney* and explain how you can take inspiration from my chimney sweep to generate more leads and get more customers.


P.S. This video has virtually nothing to do with Dick van Dyke, but he’s the only actor I know who’s played a chimney sweep!

*In case you’re wondering, I don’t actually dive down the chimney.  Sorry to disappoint.