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What is “Copy and Content”?

When we first got going, back in 2015, there were two ways of working with us.

Private Clients, or consultancy.

Which was great for most business owners, but not everyone.

For some, the investment for consultancy was too considerable, and they weren’t able to leverage it.

And for some, the Private Clients proposition just didn’t tick the boxes of what they were after.

They wanted to work with us, but what they wanted help on was the creation of the content.

So we created something new, just for them.

And we called it “Copy and Content” – a stripped back version of the Ideal Result experience.


Here’s ‘what you get’ with Copy and Content:

‘Done for you’ copywriting, delivered by two of the UK’s sharpest and most effective copywriters. Whether it’s a sales letter, email sales campaign or your ‘bread and butter’ 52-week campaign, we’ll help you get it done.
Consulting calls with the Ideal Result team, helping you with your marketing strategy and implementation.
Videography – int the 21st century, video isn’t just recommended, it’s required. As a Copy and Content client, we’ll help you get your marketing video filmed, and you’ll get the raw footage to edit as you wish.

Content and Copy is a monthly investment of £649 + VAT and gives you access to the whole Ideal Result team to get your content created and delivered


Here’s the thing: content is king, and it’s only going to get more and more important to deliver useful, relevant and valuable content to your audience.

But the reality is that most business owners either don’t have the time,
the skill or the resources to create their own content.

But with Content and Copy, it’s all done for you.

Talk to us about content and copy

If you know how important content creation is, but you can’t or won’t do it for yourself, Content and Copy could be for you – give us a call on 01926 293970 and we’ll talk it through.

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