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It’s not always more money.

Early days most business owners have to get cash flowing – there’s undoubtedly a focus on a money goal.

Then cash starts to flow in.

You strive to repeat that regular flow of cash that allows you to project and budget – you finally get a bit of breathing space.

Staff start to be employed, the stuff you really enjoy doing in your business starts to become a distant dream, the number of hours of work increases to crazy proportions.

Money becomes less of a priority as time is suddenly at a premium due to it being in very short supply.

Your business becomes less fun.

In fact your business should be Simple, Profitable and Fun.

Here are some of Ed Pearson’s happy clients:

Whichever way you want to turn currently he’s got enough real life business experience, and grey hair to make your business simple, profitable and fun without the crazy hours and the unnecessary stress.

Even if you are not quite sure what you are looking for yet or haven’t the right wording to describe it, having an initial chat often highlights the next steps and a way forward for your business success.

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