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What did I buy and why?

Thom Smith October 29, 2019 Creating Offers

I was in Solihull last week with Jamie, Mark and Davina when something caught my eye and I bought it. But why did I buy? I explain all in my latest video, interestingly the strategy used to compel me to buy is one that I haven’t spoken about before. Enjoy

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Sunday Driver

Thom Smith April 17, 2019 Creating Offers

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When leggings aren’t just leggings…

Seb Greenwood April 15, 2019 Creating Offers

Grace is pretty into yoga at the moment. In between caring for our two crazy children, doing her own freelance work and looking after the whole family, she somehow manages to steal a few moments to get into the Warrior pose and do some planking. She’s an impressive lady, and I’m super grateful for all […]

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Free Video on Pricing!

Mark Creaser January 29, 2019 List Building

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Thomas takes the pain away

Seb Greenwood January 31, 2018 Crafting The Message

If you’ve looked at the news this week, you’ll know that holiday giant Thomas Cook has just unveiled a new scheme called “Choose Your Favourite Sunbed”, allowing you to pre-book a sunbed for your entire holiday. It costs just £22 extra and means that for those who take advantage of the offer, there’ll be no […]

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The Marketing Campaign Designed By The $64.7 Billion Man.

Seb Greenwood July 14, 2016 Crafting The Message

Five Lessons From A Made Up Day Do you know what day it was on Tuesday? No, I’m not talking about the Battle of the Boyne. Or Gareth Gates’ birthday. Or even Henry the Eighth’s wedding anniversary with his final wife Catherine Parr. On Tuesday 12th July, it was “Amazon Prime Day”. Yes, seriously. An […]

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