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Boxseat to bystander

Mark Creaser June 10, 2020 List Building

I logged onto Skype over the weekend. I remember first using Skype at the age of 16 or so, and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread, but – as we all know – things have moved on A LOT since then. What was abundantly clear once I’d spent about three seconds on […]

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Free Video on Pricing!

Mark Creaser January 29, 2019 List Building

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You can be the KIA

Seb Greenwood September 3, 2018 Copywriting

My son Jim’s nearly two now, so he’s at the age when he comes up with a brand-new word every single day. And, to be honest, it’s very enjoyable – I went up to see him just before I went to bed the other night and heard him talking in his sleep, with the main […]

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Just build Scrabble…

Seb Greenwood July 30, 2018 Finding the right prospects

I declined a game of Cranium yesterday. We’d just been for a pub lunch, so I was in a fairly soporific mood anyway, but the truth is that most board games just don’t float my boat. They’re too convoluted, too complicated. You spend half the game trying to work out how it actually works, which […]

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Not That David

Seb Greenwood July 20, 2018 List Building

Depending on the time of year, my journey to and from the office can be fairly arduous. When the schools are in session and I leave at the wrong time, it can take me a good hour to trawl the ten miles from my house in south Birmingham to the beautiful barn we work out […]

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The one about the fridge…

Thom Smith May 23, 2018 List Building

My fridge broke a couple of weeks ago, no longer did I have a fridge freezer but a freezer freezer! So off I popped to get a new one – but once again those marketing people were pulling sneaky tricks. To see what they did this time have a watch of the video.

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My Anger And The Ashes

Thom Smith October 9, 2017 List Building

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Why These Ads That Don’t Sell Anything Are The Best I’ve Seen This Year.

Seb Greenwood March 30, 2017 List Building

Have you seen the Tesco ads that have been doing the rounds for the last few months? On one level, there’s nothing very revolutionary about them. On another level, they’re absolutely genius. Each video talks about a different meal and explains some of the ingredients that go into making it. Not exactly rocket science is […]

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Mark’s Package.

Thom Smith March 24, 2017 List Building

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Beef, “Funnels” And Plugging The Holes In Your Customer Acquisition Process.

Seb Greenwood March 14, 2017 List Building

All of a sudden, it’s become VERY hot in my house. Certainly a lot hotter than I’ve become accustomed to in mid-March. And the thing is, it’s got nothing to do with the weather outside. We’ve had some good days and some bad days, but generally speaking, the weather this year is pretty much the […]

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