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Follow a ferry port?

Seb Greenwood October 2, 2018 Crafting The Message

I got back from holiday on Friday. Grace and I took the boys to France for a fortnight, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best and most relaxing holidays I’ve ever had – if you want recommendations in the Loire Valley or the Dordogne, let me know! It was with […]

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Waterstones wandering

Seb Greenwood July 5, 2018 Crafting The Message

I was in Waterstones yesterday, browsing the books and looking for inspiration for Grace’s birthday. It’s not often I actually wander around a bookshop – Amazon’s put paid to that – but when I do, I really enjoy it. Ever since I was young I’ve loved the smell of books – new and old – […]

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Thomas takes the pain away

Seb Greenwood January 31, 2018 Crafting The Message

If you’ve looked at the news this week, you’ll know that holiday giant Thomas Cook has just unveiled a new scheme called “Choose Your Favourite Sunbed”, allowing you to pre-book a sunbed for your entire holiday. It costs just £22 extra and means that for those who take advantage of the offer, there’ll be no […]

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Smithy nailed this one…

Seb Greenwood October 13, 2017 Copywriting

I was out for dinner with a few of our Private Clients yesterday. As usual, we had our roundtable meeting at Hogarths and then took them all out for a bite to eat at The Farm in Solihull. It was a good choice – last month we ended up waiting an unreasonable amount of time […]

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The Marketing Campaign Designed By The $64.7 Billion Man.

Seb Greenwood July 14, 2016 Crafting The Message

Five Lessons From A Made Up Day Do you know what day it was on Tuesday? No, I’m not talking about the Battle of the Boyne. Or Gareth Gates’ birthday. Or even Henry the Eighth’s wedding anniversary with his final wife Catherine Parr. On Tuesday 12th July, it was “Amazon Prime Day”. Yes, seriously. An […]

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