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Just build Scrabble…

Seb Greenwood July 30, 2018 Finding the right prospects

I declined a game of Cranium yesterday. We’d just been for a pub lunch, so I was in a fairly soporific mood anyway, but the truth is that most board games just don’t float my boat. They’re too convoluted, too complicated. You spend half the game trying to work out how it actually works, which […]

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Not That David

Seb Greenwood July 20, 2018 List Building

Depending on the time of year, my journey to and from the office can be fairly arduous. When the schools are in session and I leave at the wrong time, it can take me a good hour to trawl the ten miles from my house in south Birmingham to the beautiful barn we work out […]

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Waterstones wandering

Seb Greenwood July 5, 2018 Crafting The Message

I was in Waterstones yesterday, browsing the books and looking for inspiration for Grace’s birthday. It’s not often I actually wander around a bookshop – Amazon’s put paid to that – but when I do, I really enjoy it. Ever since I was young I’ve loved the smell of books – new and old – […]

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The one about the fridge…

Thom Smith May 23, 2018 List Building

My fridge broke a couple of weeks ago, no longer did I have a fridge freezer but a freezer freezer! So off I popped to get a new one – but once again those marketing people were pulling sneaky tricks. To see what they did this time have a watch of the video.

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Marketing, Markle and Mackage Maxis

Thom Smith May 11, 2018 Selling

Not a day seems to go by without there being something in the press about Meghan Markle, and I’m sure it’s only going to continue as the Royal wedding draws closer. One of the interesting bits of press the other day was all about Meghan’s influence on fashion, and there were some pretty powerful stories […]

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Thomas takes the pain away

Seb Greenwood January 31, 2018 Crafting The Message

If you’ve looked at the news this week, you’ll know that holiday giant Thomas Cook has just unveiled a new scheme called “Choose Your Favourite Sunbed”, allowing you to pre-book a sunbed for your entire holiday. It costs just £22 extra and means that for those who take advantage of the offer, there’ll be no […]

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Marketing Mattresses….

Thom Smith November 2, 2017 Creating Offers

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Incredibly candid

Seb Greenwood October 26, 2017 Copywriting

I had a rare evening alone on Monday. Grace was out, Jim was in bed and I was wondering what to do with myself. And that’s when I discovered Gary Neville’s Soccerbox on Sky Sports. (Don’t worry if you don’t like football, there is a point that transcends sport here…)   The premise of the show is […]

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