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Introducing Sam Boden

Ryan Davies November 13, 2020 Creating Offers

  Here’s a guy who sells free money. Sounds too good to be true? That’s why it’s his biggest marketing problem. I ask him about how he overcomes that issue, and a whole load of other questions.  You’re going to love this one.  Introducing… Sam Boden

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Introducing James Cole

Thom Smith November 9, 2020 Creating Offers

James Cole became an Ideal Result client waay back in 2015, as he built up a cruise business with 200 staff and 100 MILLION POUNDS of sales every year. That business included brands like “Cruise 118” and “Six Star Cruises”, and he exited in 2018.In 2020, he’s back with a brand new cruise business in the […]

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Don’t forget the garlic bread!

Thom Smith July 9, 2020 Creating Offers

As lockdown eases and the economy starts moving again, Seb and I have been busy, sitting down with lots of Private Clients to discuss the marketing they’re going to be doing for the next two months. It’s fair to say that there is serious appetite for marketing activity, with plenty of people keen to accelerate […]

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Boxseat to bystander

Mark Creaser June 10, 2020 List Building

I logged onto Skype over the weekend. I remember first using Skype at the age of 16 or so, and thinking it was the best thing since sliced bread, but – as we all know – things have moved on A LOT since then. What was abundantly clear once I’d spent about three seconds on […]

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Don’t be a Dick van Dyke

Thom Smith March 5, 2020 Creating Offers

Being a chimney sweep is a tough gig. Not only do you get soot over yourself on a daily basis, but you’re also reliant on people wanting to use traditional chimneys in order to keep yourself busy. I don’t have any stats, but I’d be surprised if the industry didn’t suffer during the 70s and […]

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Marketing Lessons From Talk Sport

Thom Smith February 17, 2020 Creating Offers

As you know, I love sport, and I also love marketing. Which means that my daily commute involves listening to TalkSPORT, enjoying the football chat and analysing the ads in between. But on recent journeys, there’s been one particular ad that really isn’t doing its job, so I jumped in front of a camera to […]

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Thom Wordsmith

Thom Smith January 30, 2020 Copywriting

It’s something a bit different from me this week. You’ll probably have noticed that most of my content is delivered on video, but today I’m going back to basics and writing some words. And there’s a good reason why. You see, the commonly accepted wisdom is that video is the only way forward – that’s […]

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What did I buy and why?

Thom Smith October 29, 2019 Creating Offers

I was in Solihull last week with Jamie, Mark and Davina when something caught my eye and I bought it. But why did I buy? I explain all in my latest video, interestingly the strategy used to compel me to buy is one that I haven’t spoken about before. Enjoy

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Backyard football…

Thom Smith September 24, 2019 Finding the right prospects

Last week I was rummaging through the top drawer, looking for an old notebook when I came across this: In case you can’t see the family resemblance, it’s a picture of me and my little brother playing football in the garden, back in 1988. It was a nice trip down memory lane, but more than […]

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