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Does your business need better marketing
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and put more money in your pocket?

Our hugely popular ‘Private Clients’ service turns three this month.
Read on to discover what we’ve been doing for the last 36 months, why it’s worked so well and why this June may just be the best time to become a Private Client, start creating better marketing and making more sales.

We’re three years old this month.

On one hand, it seems like only yesterday that we left our old jobs, created the service now known as ‘Private Clients’ and launched it to the world.

On the other, it feels like a lifetime has passed.

Over the past three years we’ve worked very closely with some incredible business owners, helping them grow their lists, build trust with their audiences and create more customers.

We’ve got our hands dirty, tweaking and polishing copy.

We’ve advised them on the best way to build their databases, and held their hands through the process.

We’ve helped them launch new sales initiatives and create new products and services.

And – crucially – we’ve been pivotal, key players
in selling millions of pounds worth of stuff.

It hasn’t been all work and no play though.

We’ve had A LOT of fun in the process as well, taking our clients out for fun days at the cricket, hopping over the Irish Sea to Dublin and watching Mark lose money at the horses in Cheltenham.

Looking back over our client list is good fun, and it’s satisfying too, as there are names which have been on there for 12, 18, 24 months, as well as a number who’ve been on board since that very first launch too.

That’s because what we do WORKS.
And having thought long and hard about it, it works for two main reasons:

1. We give the right advice

The truth of the matter is that while it’s incredibly easy to get advice to grow your business, it’s also incredibly hard to get the RIGHT advice on how to grow your business.

You see, there are more people than ever in the business growth and marketing space, eager to give you their take on how to successfully market a business in 2018.

The trouble is, too often that advice is either based on experiences with a specific type of business, or confined to a specific industry, or it’s advice based on choosing a particular type of media and trying to make that media work.

And having considered it, that’s where we’re different.

We haven’t ‘niched’ into one particular sector, and as a result we’ve got an incredibly diverse portfolio of clients.

We work with B2C businesses, like car garages, kitchen and bathroom suppliers, IFAs, children’s nurseries, estate agents and crematoriums.

We also work with B2B businesses, like HR consultants, virtual assistants, Adwords agencies, and web designers.

On a weekly basis, we can be doing something as simple as helping a printer to get more leaflet sales, to something as complex as getting more clients for a marine engineering specialist.

We’ve got a huge amount of experience, across a multitude of sectors, and that means that our advice is never based on one industry, but rather based on what we think will work for that specific client.

And because we work with so many businesses, and so many medias, we don’t have a bias to one type of media – if a media isn’t right for your business, we won’t recommend you use it.

2. We make sure that the advice is implemented

One of things we’ve noticed over the past few years is the huge increase in people wanting to tell you how to do stuff, but not helping you to get it done.

Whether you’re a member of some sort of business growth subscription model, or you go networking, or you overdose on the hundreds of books on entrepreneurship on Amazon, most of us are drowning in information.

But information is just information, until someone actually decides to act upon it.

For lots of our Private Clients, that’s been the key sea change.

I’ve doubled my business, increased my prices and I get a steady stream of enquiries in my inbox each month...

It was quite a big deal for me to become a Private Client.

I’d been running my business for a while, and I’d done okay, but I was at the stage where I needed to do some marketing if I was going to grow a proper business.

I knew that if anyone could help me market my business it’d be these guys, but there was still that little voice in my head that said, “What if this doesn’t work?”

I needn’t have worried.  The guys got me into a regular habit of content marketing and list building, and three months in, it was clear that I was getting more enquiries, having more conversations and making more sales.

Six months later, and it’s even clearer – I’ve doubled my business, increased my prices and I get a steady stream of enquiries in my inbox each month.

Natasha ConwayTraffic Snap, Private Client since November2017
Within the first couple of weeks I’d got an enquiry for a £70,000...

When I joined Private Clients I knew there weren’t going to be any quick wins. I get that building a sustainable marketing strategy for a kitchen and bathroom business such as ours doesn’t happen overnight.

I did get a bit of a surprise though…

Within the first couple of weeks I’d got an enquiry for a £70,000 bathroom from a past customer’s relative, as a direct result of the action the guys got me to take.

Ed WheelerBathroom Boutique, Private Client since March 2018

They’ve spent years learning how to market, which media they should be going for, how to write compelling copy, how to build a database, how to use LinkedIn, how important Facebook is, how they need to write a book, why they need to be a speaker, and a million and one other things.

But no one has ever actually helped them prioritise the thing that is actually going to make the biggest difference to them, AND helped them actually implement it.

That’s what we do.

We cut through the clutter, we eliminate the confusion around media selection, and we tell you what to ignore, as well as what to listen to.

And once we’ve developed the right plan, we get our hands dirty and help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

• We work with you on the copy; not just ‘advising’, but using our copywriting talent to make sure the right words end up on the page, and that your sales propositions and relationship building content are as compelling as possible.

• We get inside your CRM and have a good poke around, working out the best way for you to grow your list, and holding your hand every step of the way to get more prospects into your sales process.

• We take a good look at your Facebook Ads – not just the technical set-up, but the messaging, copy and entire strategy, tweaking it, changing it and improving it.

You get the gist. We work hand-in-hand with you to get the most important stuff to done.

Yes, it’s true that we’re not ‘done for you’.

You don’t commission us to do some work and then just sit back and watch, because, let’s face it – how many successful businesses have EVER been built like that?

But while we’re not ‘done for you’, we’re much closer to that way of working than we are to the ‘teach, preach and leave’ model that so many coaches and consultants favour.

We much prefer to work closely with our clients, and feel like we’re on the same team.

They can call us whenever they want.

They email us funny videos.

They WhatsApp us with pictures and memes they think we’ll like.

And of course – we meet up with them ten times a year in the Midlands for a good old catch-up and some work on their businesses.

In short, being a Private Client is different to anything else out there – you get three highly experienced marketers on your team, in your corner and 100% dedicated to your success.

So anyway, back to our third birthday:

We’re using our 1,096 days in business (2016 was a Leap Year) as an excuse to put together a truly fantastic offer for just six business owners to become Private Clients.

Maybe you’ve seen what we’ve done over the last few years, and you’ve been interested, but you’ve never been totally sure about what we do or why it’s right for you.

Maybe we’ve only recently come onto your radar and you’re looking for a marketing team to help you get some stuff done.

Maybe your business hasn’t quite been in a position to justify the investment in the past, but now you’re ready to invest to grow.

Wherever you’re at, there’s a very good chance that this June is the ideal time for you to become a Private Client.

The business is on target to treble in revenue this year and so are the profits..

When I started working with Thom, Seb and Mark just over 18 months ago I’d just finished running the first ever OTAC event in Cardiff with another two planned in Reading and Edinburgh.

Roll on 18 months and those three events have now turned in to 10 regional events all over the country. We’ve run nine events so far in 2018, and sold out the exhibitor space for each one and recorded higher delegate numbers than last year.

The business is going to treble in revenue this year and so are the profits.

On a personal level, I’ve been able to take more money out of the business AND work less hours, so it’s fair to say that I’m an incredibly satisfied Private Client!

Stuart BarrowOccupational Therapy and Adaptations Conference (OTAC), Private Client since October 2016

Look, let’s face facts – there are very few ‘marketing consultants’ who do the same thing for three years straight.

Maybe you’ve never thought that before, but now you stop to think about it, it’s true, isn’t it?

Every six months, they chop and change their ‘programme’ or their ‘way of working’, and ever year they launch something brand new that they promise is the best thing since a fresh loaf of Sliced Hovis.

Why they constantly reskin what they’re doing is anyone’s guess, but the chances are that it doesn’t fill you with confidence – after all, if you don’t know whether the service is still going to be available in three months’ time, then you’re pretty unlikely to be hugely trusting in what they’ll deliver, and what benefit you’ll derive from it.

Private Clients has been around for three years. 36 months. 1,096 days.

We haven’t chopped and changed it, or re-skinned it, because we don’t need to. It works.

And on one level, when it comes to the ‘proposition’, it’s very simple:

We help you to get the things done that’ll have the biggest impact on you getting and keeping more customers. Whether it’s crafting more sales copy, building your list, engaging better with your prospects or creating and selling a premium product, we’ll be there every step of the way, working with you to make it happen.

The clients who’ve been on board for a while understand this, but we know full well that it’s not as easy to understand for someone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand.

So for ease of understanding, here’s HOW we do what we do:

I’ve got more money in my business and personal bank account than ever before...

I’ve been with the guys since the beginning and I’ll be honest it was a risk. They all had good reputations from their previous employment but there are plenty of people that have had successful jobs before but when they go out on their own they just don’t make the cut.

I don’t know why I worried.

I’m glad I made the jump back in 2015 as it says in the letter 12 months ago I sent a simple message to Seb explaining that I’ve got more money in both my business account and my personal account than ever before and that’s a direct result of the marketing we have done to past and present prospects and customers.

Phil O’ConnorDivorce IFA, Private Client since June 2015

Scheduled 1:1 Support Whenever You Want.

Whether you want to Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or just talk on the phone, you can schedule 1:1s with any of us whenever you like.

We can discuss whatever you want, from your big picture to the smallest minutiae of your marketing or business. We can hold you accountable and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals, we can be your sounding board or your sense check, whatever you need.

Oh, you’re welcome to come and do your 1:1 in our offices too. Just like Zoom, only with more biscuits.

Anytime Calls Whenever You Need Them

When you come board as a Private Client, you’ll get all our mobile numbers, and we’ll ‘friend’ you on Facebook if we’re not already connected. Then you can feel free to contact us whenever you want, and if we can’t answer you immediately, we promise to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Half-day Strategic Direction Session

Over the last few years, we’ve learned that the better you know someone, the better the quality of advice you can give them.

Context and understanding is important. That’s why we’ll schedule a half-day session when you become a Private Client.

Half a day consultancy with one of us is £1000+, but this session is INCLUDED for our Private Clients, and you’ll get two of us.

We’ll drive or fly to your place (no additional charge, we’re happy to invest in our relationship for the long term), and we’ll spend 4 solid hours understanding you and your business. We’ll dive under the covers and find out what’s important and what isn’t, and that’ll make sure our relationship gets kicked off on the right foot.

If you’d rather come to us, that’s perfect too. We’ve got a really lovely office, less than 10 minutes from Birmingham International, and there’s plenty of space there for us to stretch out and get work done.

10 two-day Private Client Meetings

As a Private Client you’ll be invited to 10 two-day group meetings throughout the year.

You’ll have access to all three of us over the two days, and we’ll always have some interesting stuff to share with you.

On day one we’ll typically spend the time ‘Fasterminding’ as a group, giving specific attention to problems or opportunities within each other’s businesses.

In addition, we’ll often cover a topic related to marketing, like copywriting, paid traffic or database-building.

When we’ve got new stuff to share with you, we’ll share it, but what we don’t do is recycle boring, tired topics that everyone’s heard before, because – well – everyone’s heard them before.

Day one is followed by a couple of drinks in the bar and dinner, on us.

Day two is an optional day where we spend the day implementing – whether it’s stuff that comes up during the first day meeting, or stuff that you’ve been wanting to get done for a while, you’ll have the three of us at your disposal working with you on your business.

We run day one a beautiful boutique hotel in the Midlands. The setting is stunning and the lunch is nice too. Day two is at our beautiful barn in Meriden.

Tweak And Polish Service

Let’s face facts, not everyone is a A* copywriter.

But two out of the three Ideal Result team members are (and the third one is more than capable of advising on how to improve your copy; it’s just that his spelling isn’t quite up to scratch).

Send us your sales letters, your postcards, your landing pages, your flyers, your Facebook ads and your autoresponders. We’ll use our experience to make them better.

But it’s not just the copy where we’ll get involved. Make us Admin on your Facebook Ad manager; give us access to your CRM. Where we can help to make things better, get campaigns live and make you more money, we will.

About 20 Private Clients joined us for drinks in Dublin earlier this year.

Exclusive Private Client Invitations

We like to have fun, and as one of our Private Clients, you'll have the chance to join us.

If we’re doing something good, we’ll invite you along.

Whether it’s a day at the races, an afternoon watching the cricket or a round of golf with Smithy, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to spend time with us, having fun and – if you want – picking our brains.

We want to work with people who enjoy life, and who enjoy working with us, and these Private Client Invitations give us the chance to get to know each other much better.

It’s been a massively beneficial relationship...

I’ve been working with Mark, Thom and Seb for 18 months now, and in that time they’ve had a hugely positive effect on my business.

From helping me craft copy that engages with my audience and makes more sales, to cracking Facebook, to generating more leads than ever before, it’s been a massively beneficial relationship, culminating in my most successful launch ever – 36 trips sold in ten days, generating sales of £88,860, all for a spend of just £333.28.

Keith CrockfordThe Bucket List Company, Private Client since January 2017

Your Commitment To Partnership

We’re serious about working with a small group of business owners who can leverage our expertise and experience. That’s what we already do, and we’ve got no wish to rock the boat by adding new business owners into the group who are going to be ‘here today and gone tomorrow’.

There’s rarely a ‘silver bullet’ in marketing – we won’t just be able to turn up, wave a magic wand and make everything in your business better on day one, and if you’re considering becoming a Private Client, it’s important that you know that.

We will make your business better, easier and more profitable though. Know that for sure.

Change and improvement will come through a series of incremental changes over time, and we only want to work with business owners who understand that. That’s why we ask for a 6-month commitment from you when you become a Private Client.

Is Becoming A Private Client Right For You?

If you’ve read this far, then you’re probably at least a little interested in what Private Clients can do for you, for your business and for your lifestyle.

But you might still be wondering. So let’s spell it out:

  • If you know you need to be doing more marketing, but you either don’t know what to do, or never seem to find the time to do it, Private Clients is for you.

We specialise in getting business owners into the habit of regular marketing, and over time, that regular marketing results in more sales, more revenue and more profit. If that sounds good to you, then becoming one of our Private Clients is a sensible move.

  • If you know you need to be doing more marketing, but you either don’t know what to do, or never seem to find the time to do it, Private Clients is for you.

We specialise in getting business owners into the habit of regular marketing, and over time, that regular marketing results in more sales, more revenue and more profit. If that sounds good to you, then becoming one of our Private Clients is a sensible move.

  • If you know you need to building an audience and creating content for that audience, but you don’t do it, Private Clients is for you.
    •  In its truest form, marketing is very simple. Find the right people, build trust with them and tell them about your product and service. It’s that simple model that we follow with all of our clients, and although we might go about it in different ways depending on the business, we stick to the general principles like glue, because they work.

      If you agree that that’s the way to market a business, but you don’t actually do any marketing, then Private Clients can rid you of that inactivity, and make you start doing what you need to do.

    • If you struggle to write compelling copy, Private Clients is for you. 

    Copywriting is one of the most vital skills in marketing, because once you can use words to make your prospect take action, everything else becomes a lot simpler.

    But here’s the problem: for most people, writing copy is HARD. They don’t know what to say, or they don’t know how to say it, and in the end they just put it to the bottom of their ‘to-do’ list and never cross it off.

    If that sounds familiar, then becoming a Private Client and actually getting firsthand advice and support from two of the UK’s best copywriters (as well as a ‘done with you’ element where they’ll make your copy better) would be a smart move.

    • If you know that there’s power in being part of an intimate group of business owners who ‘mastermind’, share what’s working in each other’s businesses and support each other on the entrepreneurial journey, Private Clients is for you.

        Being a business owner can be lonely, but in the time we’ve been running Private Clients, we’ve learnt that spending time with other business owners is the ideal antidote to that loneliness.

        Our Private Clients can lean on us, but they can also count on the support from the other Private Clients; both in person at our round-table meetings and days out, and virtually in our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

      • If you’ve got a viable business, and you’re selling an ethical product or service that helps people, and you want to sell more of it, build a better, stronger business and create a better lifestyle for you and the people you love, then Private Clients is for you.

       Periodically, we get updates via text and email from one of our clients who has been in since the very beginning. And what they say is simple:

      "I’ve got more money in my personal bank account than ever before”.

      These come through every few months, and they remind us of what it’s all about.

      This particular Private Client loves golf, he loves history, he loves walking with his wife and he loves visiting new places.

      He’s able to do more of the things that he loves, with the people that he loves, because of the place his business is in.

       And we’re a key part of that. That feels REALLY good, and that’s why we do what we do. If you’d like something similar, then becoming a Private Client would be a fantastic first step.

      The guys have had a fantastic impact on my business...

      It’s fair to say that I’ve tried my fair share of  ‘personal development’. I’ve been in masterminds and coaching groups, and attended countless events and seminars during my decade in business, and I can say with certainty that the Ideal Result guys are up there with the smartest marketing minds I’ve ever worked with.

      I’ve been a Private Client for the past nine months, and in that time the guys have had a fantastic impact on my business; helping me to substantially grow my list, craft better content, convert more customers and more effectively monetise my existing customers, giving me a better, stronger business and a great lifestyle as a result.

      Their skill with paid traffic, database building and copywriting really is up there with the very best, and I can say with certainty that my Ideal Result investment is one of the best I make each month.

      Emma MillsMiPA, Private Client since August 2017

      Before you decide...

        We’re almost done.

        But before you decide whether or not you’d like to apply to take one of these six slots, keep reading, because – as you hopefully know - no sales letter is complete without an offer and a deadline.

        (If you don’t know yet, you’ll definitely know when you’ve been a Private Client for three months!)

        So here’s our, three-year birthday celebration offer, for just six business owners who make the decision to become Private Clients before 6pm on Monday 18th June:


          Your monthly fee to be a Private Client is just £1299, but come on board before 6pm on Monday 18th June, and your investment will be just £949 + VAT each month.

          That’s a saving of £350, every single month that you’re a Private Client, and it means that getting three heavyweight marketers on your side is even more affordable.


          Entrepreneurs Network is our sister business, and provides business growth support for businesses all over the world. As a member, you can attend business growth events, enjoy the member-only printed publication, get regular coaching-calls with a business growth expert and be part of a community of some of the UK’s most switched on entrepreneurs.

          Entrepreneurs Network membership is currently £69 per month, with a £99 joining fee, but you’ll get it for free when you become a Private Client before 6pm on Monday 18th June.


          Back in January, we launched our ‘Copy and Content’ service, because we realised that for lots of business owners, the reason why they weren’t getting where they wanted to be was because they weren’t producing enough quality content, or building their audience with the right people.

          Copy and Content helps solve that problem, by providing a piece of written content, ‘done for you’ each week, ready for you to send out to your email list and post on your social channels.

          Copy and Content usually costs £599 + VAT, but if you act fast, you can get access to it for free, just by becoming a Private Client.

          Three bonuses isn’t bad, but as we head into our FOURTH year, we thought adding a fourth ‘super-fast mover bonus’ was appropriate…


          Get your application in before midday on Monday 11th June, and not only will you secure the three super-fast mover bonuses, we’ll also upgrade your half-day strategic session to a full-day – giving you another three hours of our time, and diving into deeper into your business.

          “But wait, what about the holidays?”

          There’s a good chance that you’ve read this far, you like the sound of what Private Clients has to offer, but you’re just wondering when on earth you’re going to be able to get started in the next few weeks.

          After all, summer’s on its way, which means kids are off school, holidays are booked and all sorts of other things that make hitting the ground running immediately are pretty challenging.

          That’s okay.

          We understand that summer isn’t the ideal time for everyone, which is why you can still take advantage of the offer and secure your Private Client place, if your application is successful, and defer your start date for anytime in the next three months.

          All we’ll do is take your first month’s fee immediately to secure your place, and agree a start date, then you can trot off on your holibobs without worrying that you’re not making the most of your first few weeks of being a Private Client.

          (Your second fee won’t be due until 30 days after we first start working with you.)

          “Okay, sounds good – where do I apply?”

          We do have an application process in place for anyone who wants to become a Private Client, and there are a few very sensible reasons for that.

          Firstly, we only want to work with people that we feel we can get results for.

          We’ve got no interest in taking your money if we don’t feel that we can help you get a return, so we want to review your application and talk to you before we make our decision.

          Secondly we have to make sure you’re a good fit for the group. We care very deeply about our current Private Clients, and we want to make sure that the balance is right, and that everyone is happy.

          Thirdly, we want to make sure that you are totally happy to proceed. If you’re not 100% behind the decision to come on board, or you’re sceptical, then the chances are that we won’t be a great fit, and we’d rather work that out before we waste anyone’s time or anyone’s money.>

          So here’s what to do next:

          1. Click the button below and fill out the short application form
          2. One of us will be in touch to schedule a call
          3. We’ll get on the phone, and chat in more detail about your business and your goals
          4. If both parties are happy to proceed, we’ll get a date in the diary, and get started

          (Remember, we’re only taking on six Private Clients here, so if there is more demand for places than there are spaces, we may have to place you on the waiting list until a time when we can fit you in.)

          “Is that it?”

          Yep, pretty much. All that’s left is for you to decide whether you want to submit an application or not.

          If you’re not sure, we suggest you put your application in and then we’ll talk about whether it’s right for you. And you can rest assured that if we don’t think it’s right for you, we won’t try and ‘sell’ you it – that’d be a waste of our time and yours.

          Remember that if you want the three fast mover bonuses – the lifetime discount, the free EN membership and the free Copy and Content service, you’ll need to take action by 6pm on Monday 18th June, and if you want the super-fast mover bonus, you’ll need to be even speedier – your application will need to be in by midday on Monday 11th June.

          And that’s that. Our third birthday offer.

          We think it’s a pretty good one, and most importantly we KNOW that we’ll be able to add significant value to the six Private Clients that come on board.

          We’ll make them more sales.

          We’ll make their business stronger.

          We’ll help them to reap the benefits of their activity, and enjoy a better lifestyle as a result.

          If you want to be one of them, then click the button below now and submit your application.

          Thanks for reading,