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Since 2015, Ideal Result have been helping businesses to improve their marketing, make more sales, and make more money.

Across our eight-strong team, we’ve got all bases covered, so whether your business needs support with marketing strategy, copywriting, video, design or paid-traffic then we’ve got the skills and experience you need in house.

Our clients love us

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From working with Idea Result, we are consistently up, month on month, about 30%

The email campaigns they’ve written for us have produced just the most phenomenal results – we press a button and then just start getting enquiries pinging into our inbox and incoming phonecalls.

I sat there for a couple of years and wondered whether what they offered was too good to be true, but it isn’t because my results are 30% better than they were before I joined them

In the four years that I’ve been working with Ideal Result, my business has grown massively.

When we first started working with them, we had 2000 Facebook likes, now we’re over 100,000, and our email list is constantly growing.

During 2020, when all travel stopped, all our plans went out of the window, but Ideal Result set straight up with daily support Zoom calls, we had loads of contact with them and we still sold 30% more trips than the year before.

I joined Ideal Result in 2015, and from day one Mark, Thom and Seb, immediately knew what my business was, and how my business worked.

As time has gone on it’s got better and better – the guys know how many customers I want to get, the type of customer I want, how my retention structures are laid out. They know what matters to me.

I want that complete freedom to design my business in a way that suits me, and Ideal Result really, really care about helping to make that happen.

Seb crafted us a superbly written sales page. We created a five day launch around it, Seb created a number of emails, and in five days we made £50,000 from it.

There’s plenty of people out there who claim that they’re good, but I would say that if you look at the businesses that are currently being working with Ideal Result as a part of it, you can see the successes that they’re having.

So you just need to have a conversation, and then you just need to sign up

What’s really changed with from working with Ideal Result is the quality of the copy and the quality of our content which we send out.

Now I am so confident going out and marketing, because I know the content will be absolutely perfect.

If you’re looking to work with Ideal Result I would definitely go ahead with it.

What Ideal Result did for me during lockdown was priceless, and helped me acquire 19 new retainer clients in just a few months

I’ve been working with them since January 2016 and they are fantastic – the single biggest source of new clients is the weekly emails they help me create.

If you’re thinking of becoming a client, absolutely do it.


Your questions answered

  • Do you do project work?
    Our preferred way to work is on a monthly basis, either with membership of our Private Clients programme, or a retainer for our copy and content services. The longer we work with a client, the more value we can add, so we prefer to work with businesses for the long term, rather than price for one-time projects.
  • Do you work with B2C businesses?
    Most of our clients are B2B clients, and that's certainly an area that we specialise in, but we do work with a number of B2C businesses.
  • Do you work with international businesses?
    Yes, although the English language is our specialty, we do work with businesses that aren't based in the UK.
  • What’s the minimum term for an Ideal Result subscription?
    We don't have a minimum agreement length for working with us. Rather than tie up our clients with long contracts we prefer to keep adding value to them, comfortably in excess of what they invest in us. That means there's no contract to sign.

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