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Marketing Mattresses….

Thom Smith November 2, 2017 Creating Offers

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Incredibly candid

Seb Greenwood October 26, 2017 Copywriting

I had a rare evening alone on Monday. Grace was out, Jim was in bed and I was wondering what to do with myself. And that’s when I discovered Gary Neville’s Soccerbox on Sky Sports. (Don’t worry if you don’t like football, there is a point that transcends sport here…)   The premise of the show is […]

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Smithy nailed this one…

Seb Greenwood October 13, 2017 Copywriting

I was out for dinner with a few of our Private Clients yesterday. As usual, we had our roundtable meeting at Hogarths and then took them all out for a bite to eat at The Farm in Solihull. It was a good choice – last month we ended up waiting an unreasonable amount of time […]

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My Anger And The Ashes

Thom Smith October 9, 2017 List Building

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Very Awkward And Very Funny

Seb Greenwood October 4, 2017 Copywriting

My favourite TV show was back on the other night after a six-year break. If you’ve not seen it, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a largely improvised sitcom featuring a fictionalised version of Larry David (the co-creator of Seinfeld) and it’s very awkward and very funny. One of the best things about Curb is the way […]

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Why These Ads That Don’t Sell Anything Are The Best I’ve Seen This Year.

Seb Greenwood March 30, 2017 List Building

Have you seen the Tesco ads that have been doing the rounds for the last few months? On one level, there’s nothing very revolutionary about them. On another level, they’re absolutely genius. Each video talks about a different meal and explains some of the ingredients that go into making it. Not exactly rocket science is […]

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Mark’s Package.

Thom Smith March 24, 2017 List Building

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Beef, “Funnels” And Plugging The Holes In Your Customer Acquisition Process.

Seb Greenwood March 14, 2017 List Building

All of a sudden, it’s become VERY hot in my house. Certainly a lot hotter than I’ve become accustomed to in mid-March. And the thing is, it’s got nothing to do with the weather outside. We’ve had some good days and some bad days, but generally speaking, the weather this year is pretty much the […]

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A Floating List Of Maybes…

Thom Smith February 22, 2017 List Building

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